Fun Project Tools

Fake Movie Poster
Create a fake movie poster for science, history, or book reports.
Do Cool Stuff with your digital photos–magazine covers, pop art, mosaic, jigsaw puzzles and more
Poster My Wall
Create posters with photos and text
Turn simple photographs into cool videos. Choose a video template and then add pictures from your computer. Add captions, text slides, and music, either from their library or add your own from your computer. 30 picture maximum
Prezi is a non-linear, interactive presentation that allows more control than PowerPoint or Keynote. Easily rearrange your discussion to meet audience needs.
Block Poster
Create giant poster and collages from photos Tips: save photo in lower jpg since image upload is limited to 1 mb., at school chose smaller poster sizes to save on ink
Create book trailers and video
Create a collage or other types of posters. The site features many templates as well as a wide selection of other enhancements to make stunning posters.
Online notice board (Post-it!)
Generates word clouds from text
Easy Infographic Maker
       Copyright Friendly Images      Please provide credit for images used in any of your projects.

Photos for Class.



Wikimedia Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

Copyright Free Photos

Library of Congress Pictures (historical)

Public Domain Images

Classroom Clip Art

Pexel Videos for Backgrounds

Google Reverse Image Search


Copyright Friendly Sounds


Free Stock Music


LOC National Jukebox (historical)

Sound Jay Sound Effects